How the upcoming The Goldilocks Mission TV series is poised to transform the fight against climate change by leveraging social entrepreneurship and contemporary entertainment.

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By Alexander Frakking | Innovation Advisor

April, 4, 2023


umanity is struggling to cope with climate change. Many of our best-intentioned attempts at education are backfiring, causing widespread resistance, resentment, and denial.

So what would happen if climate change was as entertaining and captivating as the hit show Stranger Things? Could a popular TV series effortlessly educate youth about environmental issues in the same way that Star Wars taught a generation about the dangers of dictatorship over democracy?

A Canadian entrepreneur and film producer is now applying the social enterprise model to find out. John Geddes has focused his career on the art and business of filmmaking. A veteran sci-fi movie producer, he’s now committed to addressing global climate change with an experienced team of producers: Jeff Maher and Jackie Eddolls. All have extensive experience working with some of Hollywood’s top distributors in the film and TV industry.

Executive Producer John Geddes discussing climate change with climate scientist and former NASA researcher Dr. James Hansen

The Goldilocks Mission TV series

Set in the near future, the new series follows several teens caught in an adventure much larger than themselves. As Earth experiences devastating climate change, they learn to communicate with other-worldly beings who show them a path to redemption—or possibly, to complete destruction.

A frame from The Goldilocks Mission preview (© 2022: The Goldilocks Mission. Used with permission)

The show takes an entirely new approach compared to documentaries such as An Inconvenient Truth and climate-related feature films. For example, the 2014 hit movie Interstellar placed climate change central to the story but offered little in the way of practical tips for the current generation. Instead of anxiety-inducing warnings, The Goldilocks Mission delivers a captivating journey of discovery, reinvention, and salvation.

There is no more important story to be told than the realities of the climate crisis and its effect on our kids’ futures.

John Geddes

Choosing a path: the social enterprise solution

How do you solve a very big social or environmental problem with very little funding?

The social enterprise model solves this problem by applying the principles of entrepreneurship to create positive change in the world. Instead of relying on public funds or donations, it uses the power of business to create an economically viable and sustainable solution. 

The Goldilocks Mission is adopting a social enterprise structure to attract the considerable talent and funding needed to produce a hit series. And, it’s working: because the team is very experienced and the TV franchise model is well-established, the social venture is already attracting eco-minded supporters.

A frame from The Goldilocks Mission preview (© 2022: The Goldilocks Mission. Used with permission)

Making it happen: the business challenge

Creating any type of hit product takes considerable research, planning, and market testing. In this respect, the Goldilocks team is off to a stellar start.

The series was conceptualized during a year of interviews with young change-makers and discussions with various organizations. A proof of concept video was produced in Los Angeles and then test-screened (in a process similar to focus groups) with a young audience to validate its appeal.

Scientific accuracy is one of the team’s goals. So, with an extensive outreach campaign during 2022, they formed an advisory group of over two hundred climatologists, environmental scientists, and other experts who will contribute to ideation and scriptwriting.

The Goldilocks Mission launch event in Toronto was attended by around 250 scientific advisors, industry leaders, and other guests.

Next came the launch party. In what could have been mistaken for a Hollywood premiere, the rooftop bar of Toronto’s famous Drake Hotel was packed with scientific advisors, environmental sciences students, energy industry leaders, and journalists. The event–fittingly held during the Toronto International Film Festival–officially announced the Mission series and featured guest speakers Dr. James Hansen (formerly of NASA), Laura Lynch (CBC), and Professor Akram Lodhi (Trent University).

People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

George Bernard Shaw

Making impact: next steps

Though the plan is clear and the cause worthwhile (saving the Earth), the Goldilocks team still has a long road ahead. Their next step is holding live and virtual events to introduce the show to a wider circle of potential investors, supporters, advisors, and future climate leaders.

Rather than accepting funding from major studios, the team is calling on environmentally conscious members of the public to pledge their financial support. Their community-driven approach creates an ethical opportunity aligned with both financial and social objectives, while creating a visible legacy in climate history.

A frame from The Goldilocks Mission preview (© 2022: The Goldilocks Mission. Used with permission)

Production planning is ongoing and will involve carbon-conscious filming. This includes using virtual sets: new techniques and screens that display computer-generated backdrops, significantly eliminating the need to build sets or travel to locations.

The Canadian initiative is a prime illustration of social entrepreneurship, applying mostly private funds to make significant impact on a large scale. The venture also provides entertainment for youth, generates employment, and creates an ethical business platform for investors.

And hopefully, it will inspire others to apply the social enterprise model to important issues they care deeply about.

Learn more about ways to support The Goldilocks Mission:

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