How the upcoming The Goldilocks Mission TV series is poised to transform the fight against climate change by leveraging social entrepreneurship and contemporary entertainment.

A Product Dragon Ethical Innovation case study.

By Alexander Frakking | Innovation Advisor

October, 4, 2023


umanity is struggling to cope with climate change. Many of our best-intentioned attempts at education are backfiring, causing widespread resistance, resentment, and denial.

So what would happen if climate change was as entertaining and captivating as the hit show Stranger Things? Could a popular TV series effortlessly educate youth about environmental issues in the same way that Star Wars taught a generation about the dangers of dictatorship over democracy?

A Canadian entrepreneur and film producer is now applying the social enterprise model to find out. John Geddes has focused his career on the art and business of filmmaking. A veteran sci-fi movie producer, he’s now committed to addressing global climate change with an experienced team of producers: Jeff Maher and Jackie Eddolls. All have extensive experience working with some of Hollywood’s top distributors in the film and TV industry.

Executive Producer John Geddes discussing climate change with climate scientist and former NASA researcher Dr. James Hansen

The Goldilocks Mission TV series

Set in the near future, the new series follows several teens caught in an adventure much larger than themselves. As Earth experiences devastating climate change, they learn to communicate with other-worldly beings who show them a path to redemption—or possibly, to complete destruction.