Helping innovators solve the world's problems.

A Canadian nonprofit with a global mandate.


Helping ethical product innovators benefit society by providing inspiration, education, expert support, and funding assistance.

3 Pillars of Innovation Support.

Helping where it counts most


Teaching innovation theory and application.


Connecting innovators for peer support.


Matching innovators with funding sources.

Why it Matters.

How supporting early-stage innovation benefits everyone.

As an innovation advisor, I often hear the same questions: how do I know if my idea is good enough? Where can I go for trusted guidance? How can I develop my product on my own before I’m eligible for traditional funding or government assistance?

Product Dragon exists to fill this gap. Our resources, classes, and tools provide a pathway to prepare innovators for the realities of modern entrepreneurship.

By addressing the early-stage bottlenecks in our innovation economy, more people can contribute their creativity, passion, and unique talents. This creates fulfilling employment, diversifies our economy, and improves quality of life.

I hope you’ll join us in supporting ethical innovators,